my first {only} catch. but really, she caught me.

‘Imprints” is where I share little snippets, flashbacks, and memories of the holy work I’ve been honored to partake in as a doula.  These are experiences that have imprinted my heart.

Some of these are bits from birth stories or letters to the babies.  Others are the visions that come to me randomly throughout my quiet moments and remind me that we are so succulently alive.  And so perfect.


From the post “Baby Justice” (click to read full post)

“The gift was in her taking, not in my giving.  A prayer.  An offering of spiraling and circular love.

The humbling part is not that baby allowed me to greet her with open palms under a sea of fluid and blood

Or that I happened to be in that very spot at that very moment

But that I was not necessary.

(my fear lies in being necessary)

I was a conduit.  Electrified, no less.  But not necessary.  A bridge.  A creaky, wooden plank bridge unsure of my frayed ropes and rogue metal nails gone awry.

And to feel the weight of someone atop me, their breath slow and steady and brand new;  to feel me carry them for two fleeting moments, from








well, there’s just so much more to that then you can imagine.”

2 thoughts on “my first {only} catch. but really, she caught me.

  1. Love. I love that you left so much to our imagination. Thank you. Bless you.
    Haha I’m often so long winded. Sort of like that guy on the Oscars last night who said “Thank you to everyone here, everyone not here, everyone who’s ever been born, everyone who will be born in the future…” Birth often leaves me speechless. I carry so many sacred moments in my heart. There is really no way to put words to this holy work.

    I hope with all my breath that my actions reflect that moment. and carry it forward.

  2. Rosie, Thank you for your comment. Funny, I’m always way too verbose, too!
    I love that you carry those sacred moments in your heart. They continue to nourish, don’t they?

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