Scholarships Awarded

I am full of joy today to announce that two scholarships, and one bartership, have been awarded for virtual seats in the doula e-course! Thrilled to have these beautiful women join us.

As part of the application, I gave direction to: “write a letter to yourself about how infusing more wisdom and knowledge of Conscientious Birth Support will impact your life-journey.”

Below are snippets from the beautiful letters…

♥ Together we will seek new knowledge and flourish.   And so begins a new journey, this second phase of your life in which you have found who you truly are and will stop at nothing to attain it.  I will not let you down.  This is our journey to support mothers of all kind; to be their voice, their comfort, their support. ♥

♥ Now 8 years later and 3 amazing births…your path has been highlighted again and it feels  right and almost emergent now. You are taking the first steps and it is opening you up in so many ways.  You must start slow…but you are feeding your soul with this path. ♥

♥ Over the last year in particular I’ve seen you shift…to a truth-telling, authentic, spiritual doula who knows that supporting a woman in labor is about more than “teaching” her different labor positions.  You have been searching for a  doula training that is more than just how to get clients and how to run interference with the hospital staff. A training that is blessed space, that addresses the heart and soul of a doula, and the depth of the work that is standing beside a birthing woman warrior. ♥

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