e-Course Sneak Peak: Chapter 16 {The Intimacy of Birth} + Guided Meditation


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be joyFULLy sharing  excerpts of some of the material covered in “The Holy Work of a Doula” e-course.

If it resonates with you, HOLLA!  Or, skip on over and register for the e-course and join us in the sacred “circle of stones”


Excerpted from Chapter 16: The Intimacy of Birth

Birth can be traumatic. Birth can be the most painful, challenging, and rewarding thing a woman ever does.

But birth also has the potential to be enraptured.

Blissful, holy, primal, enchanting, spiritually and emotionally and physically fulfilling.

And it’s because women’s bodies were built for it, imprinted with a roadmap to labor that includes incredible surges of hormones to help her and her baby navigate the process safety and consciously.

We don’t have to tell women it will be “orgasmic” or that she won’t feel any pain. {every woman experiences orgasm and sex and pain and birth differently.

It doesn’t have to come across as “feminist” or “crunchy” to say that she might, just might – if supported in an appropriate set of circumstances – embrace labor and birth as one of the most powerful experiences of her life.

It doesn’t have to sound wacky to suggest she might even enjoy it.

But she does deserve to explore the deeply-woven connection to sex and birth. She deserves to release shame around her body, her fertility, the power she holds in her sacred sexual organs that invite in, house, and push forth new life. {her partner deserves to explore this too}

If she has experienced abuse or trauma, this journey may look and feel different. It could be scary, healing, or something in between to be surprised by the sexual nature of birth.

If we can unchain ourselves from modesty around sex and birth…

If we can break off the shackles that have weighted us down and done irrevocable damage to the MotherBaby…

Then power will be shifted back into the hands of women and their babies. And their births, powered by the hormones of love and sacred sexuality, will imprint them on a cellular level.

Forever altering and transmuting shame to holiness.

Our culture – shamed into silencing and compartmentalizing sex – has also shamed, shamed, and compartmentalized the companion event of birth.

  • What were your earliest memories of shame (if any) around sex?
  • What were your earliest memories of shame (if any) around fertility and birth?

Give yourself the gift of releasing body shame by relaxing into this guided meditation that I created especially for the doula e-course. (length 7:15).

If you are so inspired, please drop me a line and let me know what resonated for you in this meditation.  I would love to hear your story.

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