In the way she moves and moans and demands and yields, she is uncontainable.

This is a good thing;  no doubt the most optimal environment for a safe and supported birth experience.  When a woman does not feel the pressure to restrain herself, or the process, she can fully surrender into birth.

As a doula (or any support person), we have to find a way to allow ourselves to be comfortable with this expanse of energy.  We need to aid in limiting distractions and reign in our own energy that perhaps doesn’t serve our client.

(Women in birth hear, know, see, and feel EVERYTHING. Trust me)

This is “holding the space” at its finest and can become a part of our everyday practice.

  • Pause and take notice of your body language.  What story might it tell?  Is it the “truth”?
  • Listen wordlessly to a conversation.  Notice any judgements or projections you place on the others involved.  How does that potentially impact them or you?
  • Practice letting words and experiences fully flow through you in the present/in the now.   Also practice only taking in what serves you and letting all else just filter through you like a sieve.

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