Desert Moon Herbal – Now Open on Etsy

A few years ago, in search of a more affordable flower essence, I learned how to craft my own from healing desert plants such as Globemallow and Creosote (you can too! Click here).  Since then, my children have grown up helping me create salves, essences, tinctures, and herbal oil infusions.

They’ve stood on the stool and helped me measure and mix the ingredients for body sprays and lip balm (they loved the cocoa lip balm…).   They ask for salve whenever they get a bump, scrape, bug bite, or rash.  We stash salve in our backpack and purse wherever we go for on-the-go owies.  And at night, they lay on their stomachs in the warmth of bed and beg for their tired little legs and back to be massaged with the oils we crafted.

Desert Moon Herbal is often a family affair.🙂

The meditative process of selecting plants and herbs (many from my own yard), shaking the oils in a mason jar over a moon cycle, stirring the beeswax gently, and taking in all the aromas gives me great joy.  Sharing them far and wide, knowing that these herbal potions are bringing love and healing to others, is another guilty pleasure of mine.

So I’ve gently flung open the doors to my super small and cozy Etsy shop.   In it are just a handful of nourishing herbal salves, massage oils, and body mists that are gentle enough for the whole family and contain no harmful of harsh ingredients.   As a little bonus, the herbal Soothe-n-Spritz body mist doubles as a lovely baby bottom (or postpartum healing) spray.

Take a peek and check back often for new additions in the shop.

Vive les plantes!

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