About Leigh

The days I birthed my own four children were the four most authentic experiences of my life.    In short, my children birthed me.  

My first was a planned home birth.   I ended up transferring to a hospital where my daughter was born via Cesarean Birth.   The journey of her birth, and the lessons that revealed themselves in the years after, were intense and incredible.    Her birth led me to doula work.

My second daughter was born at home.    She was my unassisted VBAC.  Those initials encompass a multitude emotions and assumptions and ideas for many people.  For me, they simply mean I took the opportunity to see how deeply I could trust my body and the mystery of birth.  And to always surrender.    She was born into her Daddy’s hands. This birth healed many parts of me and for it I am beyond grateful

My son, welcomed in 2010, was also born at home.   He was my first vertex (head down) baby and his birth was a fast and furious monsoon.   His birth journey rained down upon me such perfect renewal and invigoration.   In the early hours of June, as my husband received our baby, I learned I had a son.   And he truly is my Sun. 

And in December 2013, I welcomed my second son into my own waiting hands (in our bathtub) while his siblings and Daddy looked on with jubilation.   During his birth, I experienced moments of profound peace and connectedness and moments of losing my breath and of wishing to grow gills.  He has completed our family circle.

My kids remind me to embrace silly and to expect great things of love.

For those who want to know more professional information, I served as Vice President of the Arizona Birth Network for four years.  I am very proud of this local non-profit organization that was birthed into being by two of my best friends.  One is now an incredible photographer.  The other is now an amazing licensed home birth midwife.

While I was officially trained as a doula through DONA and through Nurturing Hearts Birth Services, my hands on training was with home birth midwives.   For those chances to see birth unfold without intervention, and in their own time, I am forever appreciative.

photo by jeanette leblanc photography

I have had the great joy of attending a little over 100 amazing births.  I can remember details of every single one.

The beauty of having attended births is that I am constantly being guided and taught by my clients and their babies.

My deepest lessons have been in learning to step back, limit my words, watch every action carefully, and simply hold the space.

I am a “keeper of birth” and provide no deeper wisdom than a woman’s own body during the intense and powerful moments of birth.   In the intricacies of a woman’s DNA and the wide expanses of their hearts, they already know everything they need to know.

The greatest gifts I offer is an open heart, a listening ear, and a knowing nod in the throes of labor.

I will unapologetically admit that the vast majority of my spiritual insights have been through the teachings of Birth.

5 thoughts on “About Leigh

  1. Leigh – glad to find you and enjoyed reading a little of your story. Found you through sweet Latisha (herbmama) and look forward to more of your writing!

  2. This is beautiful. I really respect your works, and want to do doula work one day when my children are older. I have birthed 2 children, one girl in 2007 and one boy in 2011… and I was the unofficial doula at my sister’s son’s birth. I resonate with what you say about how your spirituality has deepened from birth experiences. It truly is amazing. Thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing your heart. Much love to you and your family.

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