Course Syllabus

Click here for course outline from Spring 2012 session.

Some of the modules presented in the E-course may include:

*Week One – Sacred Work of Birth

  • The Divine Feminine & Archetypes (represented in art, myths, spirituality, and culture)
  • Ying and Yang of Birth
  • The Meeting of Birth and Death
  • Non-Violent Birth: Based on the Principles of Ancient Yoga Teachings
  • Birth as a Sanctuary for Healing
  • The Ritual and Rite of Passage of Birth
  • Birth Story Medicine
  • Loving Through Loss
  • From Maiden to Mother

*Week Two – The Sacred Work of the “MotherBaby”

  • The Journey into the Underworld
  • Unraveling:  The Sacred Stages of Labor
  • A Baby’s Wise Role
  • Into the Cave:  The Primal Brain
  • The Intimacy of Birth
  • Conscious Beings and Conscious Birth
  • The Hormonal Cocktail
  • Postpartum Rituals and Wisdom
  • Medicine of the Placenta

*Week Three – The Holy/Wholly Role of the Doula

  • Sacred Contracts:  Heeding the Call
  • MotherBaby Rights
  • Shape shifting in the Doula Role
  • DOula More By DOing Less:  Holding the Space
  • Providing Presence, Encouragement & Advocacy
  • Physical and Emotional Comfort Measures
  • The Language of Birth
  • “Meeting in the Field” – Honoring Clients
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Different Doors of Birth:  Setting & Manner of Birth
  • Following a Woman’s Lead
  • The Business of Being a Doula

…and much more! 

*Syllabus is subject to change without notice (don’t worry – they would all be good changes)!

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