Doula Shoppe

doula shoppe badge2The Doula Shoppe is a lil’ space of love for visionary artisans whom  I know, love, and respect.   These women believe in the collective energy of abundance and wildness.   And they rock their craft.

It is a collection of awesomeness and includes all handmade-with-love wares and goods for doulas to add to their “tool-basket”.   These products also make unique gifts for mamas and clients

{Participants in “The Holy Work of a Doula” e-course may receive discounts to some of the below shoppes (if applicable).  Details will be provided to participants upon registration.  Let me know if would like other artistans featured here!}

Desert Moon Herbal: Hand-crafted herbal products for the body + soul Free Shipping for “Holy Work of a Doula” e-course participants

Desert Moon Herbal is Leigh’s cozy little Etsy store stocked with limited quantities of botanical goodness straight from the Sonoran Desert. Heal + nourish + reconnect to Nature with a variety of salves, balms, elixers, body mists, and massage oils.  All of the products make lovely gifts for mamas, babies, clients, and friends.  Included are products that are healing for mama postpartum and gentle enough for babies.

Gypsy Wraps – 10% off for “Holy Work of a Doula” e-course participants

These super rad, hand-made wraps are perfect for keeping your locks tamed during long births.   Stash an extra in your birth bag to lend to a hard-working mama in labor:  her hair (and sweat) will stay out of her face. :)  Wrap up!

Inspired by Finn Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces/Jewelry25% off for “Holy Work of a Doula” e-course participants 

This lovely store offers beautiful, safe amber jewelry suitable for babies, toddlers, and adults.  They make a useful and unique baby shower, blessingway, of any-day gift. “When baltic amber is worn on the skin, the skin’s warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin.” – from Inspired by Finn website.

Bella Wish:  Vintage Inspired Jewelry by Stacy de la Rosa – 20% off for “Holy Work of a Doula” e-course participants

“Stamped with sweet and soulful sayings.
Designed to empower, encourage, heal and inspire.
All pendants are made with love and filled with wishes.”

Stacy’s designs are earthy, organic, and imbued with elegant simplicity.  Her custom hand-stamped jewelry makes a unique and timeless gift.

Word Alchemist, Marybeth Bonfiglio – 20% off all services for “Holy Work of a Doula” e-course participants

She sets the words free, this one.   Calling her a “writer” doesn’t do her craft and her magic justice.
You need to spice up your website copy so that it reflects your truth?  Want to unlock the stories hidden inside you, but need a ruby-red fire lit under your fine bod?  Maybe you just want a gentle priestess of Word to guide you through a writing practice.   Check her out.

Erin Darcy Design,  by Erin Darcy –  20% off for “Holy Work of a Doula” e-course participants

Erin created much of the beautifully sacred custom artwork and designs in my doula e-course.  With her daughter Claire as her muse, Erin creates swirling and magical works of art featuring mamas, babies, and families of a kinds.  Her Etsy shop is chock full of incredible watercolor originals as well as prints and greeting cards (great for expectant or new mamas!).   She also creates one-of-a-kind custom pieces of art by consulting with her lovely clients.

Go Now and Live” Store – By Jeanette LeBlanc {Peace.Love.Free}

Jeanette is a “poetté craftessé” (I just made that phrase up).  That’s a fancy way of saying her concoction of poetry and word wisdom are off the hook.   Her signature “Go Now and Live” piece was written during a tumultuous and transformative time in her life.  It’s now made its rounds all over the world, is offered as a fine art print, greeting cards, and other gifts,  and touches the lives of so many.  Jeanette says “I thought about what I would tell my 21 year old self if I had a chance to go back in time and whisper in her ear as she slept.  What knowledge would I want to impart to that idealistic young woman with the whole world at her feet?  As I thought, these words flowed from me and something inside me was healed.”

“Don’t Miss This” – by Jena Strong

“An intimate journey through marriage, motherhood, coming out, and coming home to one’s true self.”  Jena is a poetress with a word voice as tender as a peach and as wild as the wind.  Yes.

HerbMother – Latisha Guthrie

She brings us back to the roots.  And the weeds.  And the sentient plant beings.  Latisha shares her herbin’-awesome wisdom with The People, through tutorials, e-course sessions, and wildcrafted herbal goodies.  She also gives some of the best hugs around.

Lotus Wei – Flower Alchemy

True flower power (that I carry in my doula bag).

“A line of products that support people in their daily lives, to experience more happiness, calm, and clarity.  24 products utilizing 25 different hand-collected flower essences from around the world.  Our transformative elixirs, mists, and serums are carried in spas, wellness centers, and apothecaries nationwide”

Leather Girl Kelley – by Kayrene Geist Kelley

Kayrene’s recycled leather creations rock my world.  I own a leather cuff that gives me super powers (and has blessed many births).  She also crafted my favorite leather wallet ever, which has been in use for over five years!  Hip + Stylish.

Inspired Birth Art – by Andrea Trotter

Andrea’s detailed creations are drawn using one continual line.  Her shop offer birth affirmations, breastfeeding artwork, and powerful supported birth designs.  They are a perfect gift idea for a client, midwife, or other member of a birth team.

Texture Clothing – Handmade with Love Hemp Clothing

Texture’s line of Hemp “posh pants” are my absolute favorite pair of comfortable pants EVER.  They are a must have for birth doulas/midwives who want style + comfort + durability.   They are not cheap but that’s because they aren’t CHEAPly made.  I wear them (two pairs) all year-round and have gotten my money’s worth and then some.  I cannot recommend these highly enough.  From their website:  “texture is a boutique without the pretense ~ hard wearing, high fashion ~ figure flattering cuts ~ street legal HEMP product ~ not the coffee sack fashion typical of HEMP clothing ~ lovingly made, deftly stitched, beautifully patterned in the Pacific NW ~ clothing with a conscience”

GypsyWings Designs – Handcrafted Butterfly-Wing jewelry by Georgia

Georgia’s one-of-a-kind designs incorporate the majestic colors and patterns of naturally-expired (i.e. no butterflies were harmed in the creation) butterfly wings.  She then handcrafts the glass and metal frame to create stunning works of art. Get GypsyWings on your body now!🙂