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Upcoming Courses

  • Live, interactive e-course:  2014 Dates TBD
  • Independent Study Course – Ongoing, Purchase Anytime

About the Live e-Course (same material for the Independent Study Course)

This three week, interactive web-based course will go deep into the sacred role of a birth doula and provide the learner with holistic tools, resources, and guidance on becoming a doula.

Many busy women and mothers want to heed the call to Birth Work but cannot take the time to attend an in-person training.  An E-course allows her the opportunity to learn at her own comfortable pace and during the hours that mesh with her schedule.

“The Holy Work of a Doula” E-Course offers professional alternative to an an-person training that will infuse the learner with a greater understanding of Conscientious birth support.   This e-course will delve into the physical, emotional, and spiritual role of a doula and prepare the learner to be able to support the unfolding of birth with dignity for the “MotherBaby”.

Participants will receive a plethora of guidance in a multi-media format, including:

  • Weekly web-based live discussion which will include review and Q&A
  • Membership in an online discussion group forum
  • Activities created to help the learner go deep into the well of wisdom within themselves
  • Instructional videos (created for this course) on comfort measures and relaxation techniques
  • Writing, video, and art prompts to stimulate creative learning and intuitive insights
  • Thoughtfully crafted handouts and guides, links to scholarly articles, references to evidence-based and holistic information
  • Visual aids and charts (electronic format) related to pregnancy, birth, and pospartum
  • Certificate of completion upon end of session
  • Discounts on a variety of doula supplies and hand-made gifts

*** Price:  $70  ***

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