We exchanged words, and voices, and wisdom, and stories.   We affirmed and re-learned and hashed things out.  We released and cried and remembered.  We hung together during technical difficulties and a course extension.

In the end, as always, they guide ME…

These are a few of the testimonials from participants in the Spring 2012 doula e-course session.

“This means so much to me and I’m beyond grateful for what you’ve provided. I didn’t realize the coursework would be so self-work intensive, but Spirit is so wise that it has helped me evolve and grow so much as a person.  Your coursework, along with all of the transitions in my life right now, has given me a new found belief in my own strength and confirmed I CAN DO IT! Thank you again Leigh! “  – Crystal

“I really enjoyed all of the helpful and lovely material.  I especially appreciated the at-your-own pace idea because it allowed me to not feel overwhelmed. Definitely appreciate all the time and energy you put into the course.” – Angelique

I wanted to tell you, that you should be aware of how deep, precise, perfect and just flat out amazing your e-course is.  I hope you’ll share this with other doulas or doulas-to-be.

This is what you have given me:  So much more respect for mothers, women, babies, children, families, birth, life.

Finally, let me tell you that I’ve been blown away many times with your insight and with all you have created, gathered, and shared.   When I found this e-course I had been looking for a course that connected me with a more holistic path.  Your course is as if I had placed a special order, custom made. It had all that my certification didn’t cover. Now I can focus on developing other skills, such as postpartum care, because I feel I am a whole doula… a holistic, holy doula.” – Camila

“I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed this course.  I definitely feel more equipped to support women in birth. Thank you so, so much for all the amazing work, thought and love that you put into sharing yourself and this important information.”  –  Abi

“Thank you so much Leigh! Honestly, you put so much heart and amazing info into it, I’m going to be absorbing it all for a long time to come.” – Sara

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